About Us & Our Mission

The Lo Initiative is a Canadian nonprofit organisation with a single goal: helping in-need children around the globe lift up their future as well as their communities using technology, in-demand life skills and open-source software.

The name Lo has two meanings; Firstly, it is short for Libre Opportunities, as the software and training we provide are entirely free and open-source. The second meaning is a wink at the beginning of the digital age - In 1969, Charley Kline attempted to transmit the text “login” to a computer at the Stanford Research Institute over what would become the modern internet. After the letters “l” and “o” were sent, the system crashed; making the first message ever sent online “lo”. As we are connecting these children to the world for the first time, we felt it was quite suiting.

How it all Works

Our methods are simple: We begin by processing donated and gently used technology that clutters up peoples garages as well as allotting funds for corporate liquidations. From there they are either collected by or sent to a one of our international volunteers who will provide them with T.L.C. and a fresh install of our entirely free and open-source GNU/Linux operating system including all necessary software suites.

Once we have enough gear and funding for a particular project location on our waiting list (which includes everything from schools to orphanages to libraries), we send everything out alongside a trusted volunteer. Upon arrival, the volunteer ensures the equipment reaches its final destination and that the distribution and setup runs smoothly. We also ensure that there is adequete ability to power and run the machines at the local facilities.

This is followed up by training and potentially hiring someone locally to offer skills and support to the LOinit-sponsored projects in their area. This training is typically done in the form of a one to two week bootcamp instructed by the sent volunteer, and can be completed fairly quickly depending on the experience of the applicants - though in other circumstances it can involve online education, certifications, and even being sent for remote education. The hope is that they will be able to also apply these skills to better themselves and the life of the people around them.

We prospect new institutions either by volunteers in specific regions of the world or in cases of new locations, by getting in contact with NGOs that can point us in the direction of places most in need. We typically look for areas that are within more impoverished parts of the world; and within those, extremely disconnected and rural areas with little or no access to technology and telecommunications.

How to get Involved

There's several ways to participate if you'd like to help! From a simple monetary or used technology donation to applying to join our international network of volunteers or core team - big or small, your contribution will make a difference in the lives of many.