Joining the Network Team

The Lo Initiative is a very new project and has a great need for volunteers from all over the world to help facilitate our big goals for the coming year. We maintain a very welcoming and accepting atmosphere that adheres to an ethics code. For those who are new to UNIX or system administration, we're always willing to lend a hand!

Below we have an outline of what new network members can expect, as well as what we would expect of them. This is followed by a short list of additional open positions that are available.

Network volunteer responsibilities

The volunteer network plays an incredibly key role in the organisation. It is through this unified group of technology enthusiasts, activists and warm hearted individuals that our combined goals will be realised. Some of the roles they play:

Network volunteers will also possibly have the opportunity to travel overseas for project implementation in new regions. These tasks will typically be given to the most trusted and committed members of the community.

Your first days on the team

After being accepted, you will be sent a welcome package which contains several resources that will be required for your position. This includes copies of all necessary software and programs, a contact sheet for team members and access to a private communication line for network members only. Eventually this will also include some LoInit swag too!

From there you will begin locating local supplies as well as coordinating the recieval of individually donated systems. You will be required to wipe them as per our data removal standards, and then flash the harddrive with the included prepackaged ISO. You'll also clean up the system if needed, and prepare it for shipment to its final destination once the time arrives.

We also meet once every two weeks to touch base and discuss roadmapping - attendance is optional, though coming every so often is reccomended to keep up to pace on the happenings of the community.

If you have any questions you can usually find someone with answers in the #LoInitiative channel of the Alien or OFTC IRC networks, or you can contact us directly.

Interested in applying? Filling out the form only takes a couple minutes!